Low Dose Medicine

Low dose medicine is a new therapeutic approach which aims at restoring physiology through communicating or signaling molecules such as cytokines, interleukins, growth factors, neuropeptides, neurotransmitters and hormones prepared in low dose-active dilutions (through the homeopathic method of dilution and succussion) and therefore without side effects. (For more information about classic homeopathy and the ‘homeopathic processing’ of dilution and dynamization see my book ‘Heal yourself’).
Since these molecules have the same physiological concentration (nanograms to picograms) as the molecules present in our organism which control and regulate organic functions under healthy conditions, one could define low dose medicine as ‘physiological regulating medicine’ but also as ‘preventive medicine’ since low dose active preparations have virtually no side effects.
Low dose medicine is also in many cases a resolutive therapy because it works on the whole organism directly by using molecules which work at the cellular level in order to re-direct biochemical pathways when these are deranged or inhibited.
By using low dose medicine one can act directly on the PNEI (psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunitary) system with the aim of regulating cell’s activity, when this is inhibited or disturbed by endogenous or exogenous stressors. At this level one is able to restore the capacities for cellular self-regulation which are indispensable for maintaining homeostasis (for more information on the PNEI system see related section in this book and my book ‘Heal yourself’).
Recent findings have shown that cytokines, interleukins, hormones, growth factors and neuropeptides correctly diluted and dynamized become active, through a mechanism of sensitization and activation of cellular receptors.
One of the best way to correct a deficiency is to provide low (activated) doses of the same substance to stimulate its metabolism and physiologic production, and the result of the action of these low dose active molecules is a physiological modulation and regulation of the biochemical pathways when these are deranged or inhibited.
In a nutshell, low dose medicine can be defined as an up-to-date integration of homeopathy, Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology (PNEI) and molecular biology.

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